Tuesday, February 19, 2013

phone photos from the last wee while

Sitting down to write has become a battle, not that I haven't got the time to do so, I just feel rather uninspired lately. All my time and energy is going into feeding myself (long story short. my poor gut had a major break down in November and my skin - always the first to suffer - has taken a beating unequalled to anything I've ever experienced). As I am adamant to solve this naturally, I had a massive change in lifestyle. Maybe I'll feel inspired to write down my whole story later, until than you'll most likely find me researching candida diets, living a healthy life style, how to feed myself during my vegan lent season, etc. Interesting and time consuming!
Anyway not to bore you, here are a few photos from Austria and back here in London :)
RinglRingl lady on a swing :)
 feeling three years old, watching the snow fall
 Miss K and her ride
Miss E :)

spent an hour there last week with my pastorate peeps. nothing quite like the presence of God!!
 along the river
silly little brother
with my favourites far away I had to bring them closer :)  

pretty coloured houses in Londontown.

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