Tuesday, April 27, 2010

decisions decisions decisions

For the last two years I have been struggling with finding my place in this world. It sounds so silly when you write it down but I am so torn between staying here in London and going back to Austria.
Don't get me wrong I am loving life but there is a longing for more in this world than temporary bases everywhere.
Help me Jesus!!! 
is all I can say again and again. There is so much more to life than a big city, a job and everybody running around like ants in their colonies!
Maybe I'll go back to my plan of growing veggies in the garden and sewing stuff! Who's up for it???

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Four years ago I shared a house with Miss England aka Hannah Tibble in Sydney. We've been friends ever since and for some reason our families became really good friends as well. I met half her family when they came to visit down under, my brother and her mum stayed with us at the same time and as we were off to college all day, they hung out :) Hannah and her parents took a trip to Austria and stayed with them in 2007 and her brother got back from a quick visit a couple weeks ago.

Got up here Friday night and went straight to the next village and celebrated spring with Lord Roger and Lady Grace. They live in the "castle" and host a couple of parties for their village every year. How funny is that!!! This blues band was playing and people were dancing, funny to end up their once again - went to their costume ball last year - Andy dressed up as a french man... unforgettable!!!
Yesterday turned out to be something like a summer day! Six of us went on a trip to Holkham beach in Norfolk. Sun, sea, sand, jumping off the dunes, cartwheels on the beach, getting burnt or tanned. To finish a glorious day we had a barbecue at Hannah's cottage.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

prepping for Colour 2010

I know I've said this before but Colour Conference London is coming up in a weeks time. woohoo!!
The other day when I was working out of Zoe and Jay's house I ran into the lovely Hannah. It's funny when you constantly hear people talking about someone you've never met and than you meet them. Her husband Oliver has been working with Zoe for a while and they founded Boomer|Stenberg - check it out, I love their jersey dresses and T-shirts. You should feel them, they're so soft :)
Anyway, Hannah got me roped into doing funky costumes for the Colour opener, tonight's the night and I hope we get as much done as possible!! Pics will be up soon x

Monday, April 19, 2010

weekends with the extended family

It was J & C 5th wedding anniversary last week and he full on surprised her with a night out and staying over in the city after. While they were off having fun I got to have a sleep over with Mr Zeke. He still is the craziest 2 year old you'll ever meet :)
Just look at the outfit he picked the next morning when we went to the park...
For some reason he needs to wear his wellie boots all the time now, he constantly rolls up his trousers and his sunnies are falling down all the time because the hat keeps pushing them forward.
Saturday was the day the weather turned beautiful, so we all went over to our friends house for the first barbecue of the year. The outside season has officially started! Can't wait for more bbqs, sitting in the garden until late at night, playing cards, talking until it get's dark at 11pm, etc. It will be great!

With Colour 11 days away, I'm getting excited to see all my college girls - almost all of them, the Europeans at least. It's team night tomorrow and I can't wait for it.
Evidence of what happened last year at team night to be found here. More madness will be reported later, until than have a lovely time everyone x

all things green

After all my green talk here the other week, I went to work the next day and that happened to be at UK Aware - the No 1 green and ethical lifestyle show. Coincidence? I don't think so.
It was fun to be there and see all these people really eager to make a difference in their world. Best bit for me... getting a hand massage with organic shea butter from Africa. Such a treat while working :)
I also got hold of another EggMag, which launched last year and they were handing out copies at Estethica like crazy, anyway got to chat to the founders mum. How cute is that, your mum believes in your product and goes to a trade show with you to hand out copies. Loved it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

one more thing

The new Lonny magazine is out... major theme: sustainability! Seems like I can't escape it :)

unexpected holidays, sort of

A couple of months ago I mentioned how one of my New Years resolutions was to read more and how much I admire the Fifty Two Fifty Two project. Current book count of 2010 is eleven with having started three more books - my horrible habit of reading multiple books at the same time, I know!

Yesterday for some reason I sat down with a brand new book and didn't stop until I was done four hours later. Granted it was not the hardest book to read but I can't remember the last time I was as relaxed to do that. It seriously felt like a mini break away from life.
Started another one last night, No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. Found it the other day and remembered watching this trailer while I was in Tennessee.
Being green at heart and always looking for ways to make this world a better place, I like reading what other people do. So far I'm loving it and think that everyone should read up on these things. In my opinion everyone should check out Matthew Sleeth's Serve God, Save The Planet as well. Probably his book and the whole God is green series that the Mars Hills community walked through a couple years ago, have shaped me quite a bit. As has Carl Honore and his book In Praise Of Slow.

Don't know why but had a day off today as well, so going with the whole green theme, I finally had time to check out our garden and planted some seeds. Hopefully they will all turn into plants and bear much fruit :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

picnic in the park

It finally feels like spring on the cold and grey island, so to celebrate we had the first picnic of the season!
My lovely friend Hannah
(who dressed so she would match the napkins -  true story!!)
and her boyfriend Todd
came and brought a whole basket full of goodies. After church we went to the park behind the British Museum and had our lunch. As I was looking after the Zekestar, he came along and was running around us in circles screaming "I'm a ladybug, I'm a ladybug". Funny and definitely not as strange as the guy in pink shorts trying to box with a tree making all the noises you hear in cartoons when people fight.
Sitting in the sun was gorgeous, the food delicious and in the company of old friends life always seems a little better!

On another note. A big cheer goes out to Nicole and Simi who got engaged last week. Congratulations to you both xx

Monday, April 5, 2010

family near and far

There is something about family that is universal. You can't pick them and you love them no matter what :) (Yesterday my entire family gave me a rendition of Silent Night... why? I have no idea!!! That's just how insane they are and I couldn't live without it hehe) Best part is, when those crazy people you call family are not in close proximity, God extends it and brings in more people that all of a sudden you have a whole other family in your area.
Over the years I've become part of so many "families" and feel blessed to have them all in my life. They're those kind of friends where you lose your guest status in their house. You're not asked anymore if you want anything as they know that you will help yourself :)

I guess it all started with the lovely Schmids who have been there as long as I can remember and I have to admit that I miss them a great deal!

Next up the Pfau family in Salzburg entered the Astrid world...
they have been the family away from home for years and years now. I treasure the time I get to spend with them and love every single one of them!

Before I moved to Sydney, I spent some time in NZ and met the Stiles family who became my family in Sydney. It was the best thing and I am so grateful for all dinners, sailing trips, weekends in the Hunter valley, Christmas's, birthdays, etc we've had together. They're amazing and I wish I could fly over now and hang out with them.
It's been almost two years... definitely too long, that's for sure!!!

My crazy time in Tennessee was taken over by the adorable Porters who just welcomed me with open arms. Seriously everyone should have Porters in their world!!

So when I came to London, God hooked me up with the lovely Stewarts and I couldn't have found better friends than them! I am writing this, sitting on their sofa. It's been an incredible few days at their house. Should have gone home ages ago but feel so sick - food poisoning or something yuck - and apart from Jeremy taking the piss, they just fold out the sofa and never want me to leave haha.

When you hang out with God, life is pretty unpredictable and all of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by the craziest people. They make life richer and so much more fun. One day I hope that they all meet and I get to give back a portion of what every single one of them has given me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

skype video madness

This is what happens when you've got two completely insane "grown ups" with a knack of the ridiculous and mix it with a two and a half year old.
Jeremy said that they could be the next youtube sensation hahahaha

Hope you all have a fun Easter weekend and get to celebrate Jesus, who He is and what He's done for us. I'm forever grateful and cannot believe how blessed we are.

eggs and lots of colour

Apparently in this country you don't do proper easter eggs, everything has gone commercial chocolate eggs!!! It's not good and no where near as much fun as colouring your own eggs.
I tried to find my hardest to get colours and more fun stuff to paint eggs but found nothing. So we were left to natures alternatives... onion skins, red wine, spinach, etc. We definitely have to perfect it and in the end we just painted them :)