Tuesday, November 29, 2011

living the nomad lifestyle

One question has been popping up all over the place in the last couple of weeks:
"how in the world do you cope with moving around so much?". 
It makes me laugh to be honest, how would you answer something like that?? But, it got me thinking, so let's start from the beginning.
Outgoing is not a word you would use to describe me, I used to be the shyest kid around the block. Talking to people I have never met before does not come naturally. The thing is, when life throws you into situations you learn to deal with it :)
I always had the urge to live somewhere else and when I signed up to do a gap year in Scotland, little did I know that ten years later I would look back and say that I've lived on three different continents with 45 housemates from 14 nations. Can you imagine the complete clash of cultures haha At times it was insane but you learn from each other and learn to love the differences. There's no room to be shy anymore and yes living with people is way different than meeting people and interacting with complete strangers.
That's what happened to me when the HU crew took me to Europe and told me to help out Scotty doing merch every night on a three week tour. No need to say, I was terrified! (at least I wasn't shaking like when I had my first day at their office haha) Don't get me wrong, I was over the moon that they'd asked me, as it meant getting to attend Claudia & Berni's wedding back home as tour started two days later in Switzerland and I'm still grateful for that.
Now there are two things that make situations like that a lot easier to me than to most people:
number one. I very much live in the moment - I drink it all in and enjoy it, when you travel/tour who knows when you're going to be back so get the most out of every day. Life is definitely too short to do anything else.
number two. I just go with it - no matter what, not much to freak me out these days haha Also ever since college it has been instilled in me to be part of the solution and not the problem. Why be difficult and make life horrible for everyone around you??!!!
As scary as it seemed to be encountering a million people over the course of three weeks, once we hit Zurich, everything was fine. It was mostly because of being pushed into that environment that I get to tour with team MG nowadays. If Webby and Scotty wouldn't have made me, I doubt I would have ever done it and I'm glad they did.
A few things I have learned as a little nomad...
... I actually love meeting people and listening to their stories, and the stories they don't tell you but their faces do. I'm a big people watcher haha
... respect others - that's a massive one and I couldn't shout it any louder, going with the Sisterhood motto here, but place value on humanity
... a smile goes a very long way
... believe the best in people
... never take for granted the life you get to live
... tough times will end and a new season will start
... communal living is the best, especially when you have some Brazilians thrown in the mix :)
... you find people, who will be like family wherever you go (Stiles, Stewarts, Pfaus, Porters I'm talking about you xx)
... God's ways are higher and I marvel at them
This list could go on and on but maybe the biggest part in why this kind of life works for me, are a handful of people. My family and closest friends. They know me better than anyone else, ground me, cheer me on, tell me off when I'm stupid or make bad decisions and still love me. Everyone would kill to have people like them in their lives and I don't take that for granted for one second. To know that they have my back makes it very easy to go off exploring and working in other countries.
Wouldn't trade this nomadic lifestyle for anything, whose life wouldn't be enriched by new people, places and cultures.
Coming back to London felt like coming home. That I get to work with such amazing people is just favour from above xx

Friday, November 25, 2011

London fog

Last weekend it got so foggy I just had to go out to the common and explore. An hour later my hair was soaking wet and I was lost somewhere  when I took a wrong turn haha
Just looked through the photos - while a Prince documentary is on in the background, good grieve he was amazing!!! - and here are my favourites:
 nothing ever stops England boys from playing football... I could hardly see anyone but gosh can they shout haha
So glad this is next door, here's to a lot more runs in Wimbledon common and staying fit in the winter. Happy weekend everyone, hope you get to spend it with your favourite people x

Thursday, November 24, 2011


In honour of Thanksgiving happening across the pond, I made a list of 20 things I'm thankful for.
It's a random order haha
I am thankful for...
this roller coaster life I get to live
Ruth, Simon and Lisl - besties anyone would kill for
my parents for being amazing/supportive/understanding
to have a new sister in law - just as crazy, lovely and gorgeous
strawberry laces
these boys and the greater MG family
God for taking me on this unbelievable journey
the random people I meet - you inspire me
J  & A for giving me a home in London
laughing till your tummy hurts
Romy & Claudia for praying with me at all times
the costume world - madness
friends all over the world
LidiaElsie, Rachel and many others for inspiring me to be more creative
legs that take me everywhere - not taking it for granted

Could go on and on but will shut up for now. What are you thankful for? You get a whole new perspective on life if you practice thankfulness xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


When you spend an entire year cycling or walking everywhere you have to go, being back on London's public transport can seem quite claustrophobic at times.
It feels like a giant game of sardines every morning. Fit as many people in a crammed space as possible, needless to say that the concept of personal space goes out the window. Can't tell you how many times I've stepped on someone else's foot or fallen on people because there just aren't enough handles to hold on to. I'm surprised that no-one ever screams haha
Anyway when we moved the production over to the Peacock Theatre the other day the best thing to find out was, that I could walk across the bridge to catch a train home. Nothing better than coming out of your basement (no natural light, air or reception of any kind but space and so so much fun) and being able to take a 15 minute walk in fresh air. It revives your soul, let me tell you!
And when this is your view...
... you feel spoilt for working in one of the best cities this world has to offer :)
Thankful for the roller coaster life I get to live and experience these things. More on theatre and the crazyness it entails later xx

Sunday, November 20, 2011

can't stay away from the Konvoi

Thank God for modern technology! Got to say hi to nearly everyone yesterday when the guys were setting up for sound check at Grosse Freiheit in Hamburg. People kept kidnapping me (the laptop) and I got a tour of the building haha. Turned out to be an amazing night for everyone and team MG made it  back to Vienna safe and sound. Happy days! Can't believe that was it and now there is lots of London time before we head out again as soon as February comes around. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

current obsession

I don't know how many times I've watched this video. Maybe in another life I can be more sophisticated and move like her. I'm just too lanky. This is especially funny since I'm working with dancers at the moment, who move so gracefully and have the most amazing posture! Compared to them I'm just a big klutz haha
Anyway those black high top sneakers she is wearing are def going on my wish list!

Tote bags
(image via anthropologie.com)
This one by Anthropologie - so pretty and perfect.

Salt scrubs
As soon as I got to London I made a batch. Without it my skin would be a dried up, flaky mess!

Wish I could be in Hamburg for a grande finale of the Konvoi but I'll be on a little London adventure. It is one of the best cities in the world after all. If I'm lucky I'll make it to this before it closes on Monday... Happy weekend everyone x

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

water for water Christmas cards

Dani and Kelly, two of my Aussie friends, run non-profit organisation Water For Water. With the holidays coming up, they've released a card set designed by some of Australia's finest visual artists and creatives. 100% of the profits will go to providing communities with clean water.
Find out more about the artists and buy cards on their website or on their facebook page.
(image via their webpage)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

black fluffy cuteness

Jamie & Ali brought these two home yesterday. Two rescue kittens that need a home and are with us temporarily. They feel like the softest soft toys you ever held :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jupiter Jones & My Glorious - the Konvoi recap

It's been a blast
Full stop
Nothing to add to that
Haha as if...
Team My Glorious was unbelievable... I love those boys! We sat in the car for something ridiculous like 150 hours, not sure how many kilometer we covered but believe me when I say, enough!
We had all sorts of moments during the last month. Moments of laughter, moments where we wanted to kill each other (mostly driving/parking related), moments that made our hearts ache (thanks again to those sharing your stories after listening to Flower - this is in no way taken for granted and I'm forever grateful for your bravery in writing it down for us), ordinary moments and moments where we couldn't give a damn haha.
Sami wrote a tour blog of our usual run down, you can read the whole truth here.
To have the girls come out on different parts of the tour was also a highlight. Hooray for bringing family and having them be part of the experience.
So a round of applause and the biggest thank you goes to Sami, Gregor, Paul, Raffi and Thomas. The five lads who dare to travel with a girl haha.

The lovely JJs - that includes everyone and not just the foursome or rather five you see on stage. I've shouted it from the roof tops in the spring but those boys are quite something! All of them.
I'll let you in on something: they've been on the road pretty much the entire year!!! So despite being gone from home for months and living on top of each other, spirits are still up and people could do with just a fraction of their work attitude.
You should see the crew at the end of the night! As I said before, nothing goes unnoticed and we've seen your hard work and appreciate it all the more. You're amazing!!!
Anyway I feel spoilt that I got to listen to them every night. When Simon came to visit in Karlsruhe, he leaned over to me during "Berlin" asking "Is it just as magical when you experience it for the millionth time?" and I have to say, yes it is :)
Thank you so much for taking us on board, being amazing and fun people and so incredibly normal to be around. You deserve all the success you're having and I hope that come the end of tour you get to enjoy it all the more xxx

A massive shout out goes to all the beautiful people in Germany for coming out! It was great to meet so many of you.
When the night is over and people start streaming out, some people have this radiant look on their face, showing that they've just had the best night of their lives. It might just be my favourite part of tour :)

I just realised that this sounds like the whole thing is over, it isn't but I'm already writing this in London so for me Vienna was the last hurrah and I shall miss it terribly :)
If you're in Berlin or Hamburg this weekend go and see them play. Details are on the JJ webpage.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Konvoi tour day 21

As this was my last Konvoi gig, I told everyone beforehand that I might get emotional. Poor boys had to put up with a girl for three weeks and in the end she has the nerve to tell them that there will be tears!!! (there weren't, in case you were wondering ha)
It was so much fun being in Vienna (Arena you're a hole but I like you!). Can't tell you how much I enjoyed not sitting in a car for seven plus hours to get somewhere - which is really mean as the lovely JJs drove a day each way just to come and play a single concert.
After a few technical hiccups there was nothing going to stop this show. Friends and family rocked up and made it even better.
Koener once again became my merch buddy, killing it by bringing champagne in an ice bucket hahaha Romy helped but I reckon I had at least 2/3 of it - hence no tears. Anyway we bonded over trash pop and Katy Perry. Yes!
We all went photo crazy that night, thanks for snapping away Romy.
By the way, Romy is the only one willing to jump around with me, getting extra credit for that. For the last song of the night we went in and danced our little hearts out, crashing into each other and screaming at the top of our lungs. My arms are still bruised, but it was well worth it. When we came back K asked what the hell was going on as he could just hear squeals haha
that tangle of hair :)
flower - getting quite a bit of response covering abuse... those emails make me teary, thanks for sharing your stories x
we're such gangsters - not
Mock has a way better version of that last photo... don't ask me why it is so freakishly bright!
Such a good night. Bittersweet as I hate good byes, but I'll wrap this whole thing up now, say thank you Vienna and do another post singing all those boys praises x

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vienna in the fall

Days off are straight from heaven...
It's been a crazy couple of months in this nomads life and with a busy London stint one flight away, I tried to relax this week. Too much adrenaline and rushing around - my heart is about to gallop out of my chest and somehow I haven't slept for what feels like an eternity now - the dark circles under my eyes have extended all the way down to my chin!!!!!
So whenever the sun came out I tried to go for a walk and Wednesday was spent at the new Magritte exhibition at Albertina. A beautiful collection and quite funny for certain.
Most bizarre/random moment of the month happened when I walked out of the building and down the stairs. An Indian family came up to me and asked me to take a picture. Nice as I am I smiled and reached for the camera to take a photo of them, when the man says "no, you have to be in the photo!" WHAT??!! So he took a photo of his wife and myself haha I've been wrecking my brain ever since, who they might have confused me with. There were about thirty other people around, so why pick me? I guess I'll never know :)
Walking through the city I once again was blown away how beautiful Vienna is! The more I leave, the nicer it gets.
What followed was a much needed besties catch up with Ruth - coffee led to dinner. Followed by a trip to my favourite B family. They are my oasis of calm. Thanks Claudia for such a good night and being there for me xxx
Ruth and I found this fella looming over us...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

so grateful for London friends

I'm so excited to be staying with really old friends of mine for the next couple months...
One of the most awesome childhood memories. Jamie's looking down, I'm pulling a face and Carla is not even in the picture and what's with all they grass we're carrying??!! But I love this photo! Can't wait to catch up and spend time with them. Pumped beyond words that this worked out.
Btw. chunky knit sweaters were all the rage back then, at least for us Austrians... the English kids were way cooler :) and these colours omg!! It was the 80s after all haha

Konvoi tour day 20

Braunschweig felt like the very last concert of this tour. Not strictly true but as I'm leaving for London on Saturday, Thursday night in Vienna will be my last Konvoi gig boohooooooo
Anyway Braunschweig it was fun with you. We met a guy whose name is Falco!!!! If you don't know who Falco is please google it. Never thought we'd say hi and bye to Falco - at least for us Austrians it was a funny moment :)
 Austria vs Germany and for the first time ever Austria came out on top...
 backstage shenanigans 
These two came out to Bielefeld, Bremen and Braunschweig... Don't think we hit any more B places :) Lovely seeing you girls and thanks for keeping me company x

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jupiter Jones & My Glorious at Arena Wien

Just a quick reminder that the Konvoi is coming to our home woohoo Finally might I add :)
So this is all going down this Thursday (10/11/2011) at 8pm at Arena.
Tickets are still available if you click here.
See you there everyone x

Konvoi tour day 19

We left Munich to pick up Raffi and headed straight to Kaiserslautern. I think this weekend everyone was a bit over sitting in a black van and the atmosphere was waiting to explode.
Had a long chat to Lisl once we got there - what a difference talking to your best friend makes.
Anyway night and a large crowd came, selling out Kammgarn. Strange as the audience was kinda old and I bet half of them didn't know
Miriam, one of our hosts in the spring, travelled all the way from Saarbruecken and it was so lovely to see her again and catch up!
told you I'm obsessed with MAC's Ruby Woo
 Gregor wanting in on the lipstick action hahahaha
 can you see how excited Kasel is about standing next to me every night
 sometimes I wonder if people regret this in the morning...
Miriaaaaaaaaam, thanks for coming x