Thursday, February 24, 2011

and I'm off

Last time I was in Zurich it looked like this, so my expectations are high!
I've got eight more hours to pack my bag, sleep and run for the train even before the crack of dawn, ha! Off to the land of cheese and watches I go. Lots of stories and photos when I return.
Have a fun weekend everyone. Hope it will be filled with laughter, love and sunshine x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

things to come

The next couple weekends will be filled with heaps of fun stuff.
First off, I will pack my bags and go to Switzerland to see these lovely people:
next up: my crazy friend Simon is turning 30 *gaaahhhh - this cannot be true!!*
and when we are finally on tour I'll get to hang out with this young lady
and Spring will come hoorah. Honestly I doubt anyone could have better friends (I'm blessed!!), memories will be made!
What are you looking forward to over the next couple weeks/months?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Glorious in Germany

Come March and April the boys will be touring with Jupiter Jones around Germany.
And I will travel with them wooohoooooooo!!!
I'm so excited, please come and see them play if you live anywhere near:
Hamburg, Berlin, Osnabrueck, Bochum, Bremen, Saarbruecken, Koblenz, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart. Would be lovely to see some familiar faces! Dates and details on their webpage.

On another note, they've been nominated for an Independent Music Award. Home Is Where The Heart Breaks is up for best concept album. Now a jury will select the winner, but you have input as well. Please vote for My Glorious and you'll make all of us happy :) To vote please click here.
You guys are the best x

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Let me show you one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
About two weeks ago I drove out of Zell/See, it was below freezing and the fog hadn't quite yet disappeared. All of a sudden I saw this rainbow, but not really a normal one, it seemed to not touch the ground but go round in a circle. Just had to stop, get out of the car and look at it.
Through the icy fog, the sun formed a perfect circle and it was magnificent:
Sorry about the quality, my bb was all I had on hand :)
I absolutely love rainbows, they always remind me that God's promises are true and will never fail!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

flowers in cold winter

I took these at the famous EheG. Lisa has three orchids and when I arrived in July they looked almost dead. Not one little sign of a bud or blossom or life for that matter. Now that it's winter and the snow has melted away - still praying for spring to finally come - it's a burst of colour just at the right time, when everything else is more or less grey! They make me happy :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marc by MJ

Second Marc Jacobs live stream last night :)
Just took a couple of screen shots... that's why pics are so bad. For the look book please click here.
To sum it all up: gorgeous fall colours, big coats with tiny belts, lots of long sleeved and high necklines. All very 70s and stunning!
Before the show started the just filmed people entering the Armory, it was a big crowd. It zoomed in on this gentleman
and the camera kept going back to him sketching. Turns out it was Richard Haines, the guy behind What I Saw Today. It was amazing to look over his shoulder - literally haha.
Thanks again to the MJ crew for making watching the NYFW available to someone like me x

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

diary clash haha

Why do all great things have to go down at once??
The last couple days have been crazy in the land of fashion, music and film :)
Baftas (well done The King's Speech), Grammys, NY Fashion Week, Brits and London Fashion Week is about to start.
Marc by Marc Jacobs is coming up at 4pm EST hehe, follow the live stream on if you wanna see something fun and pretty.
By the way, a couple of pictures from last nights MJ collection are up on The Sartorialist.



Out today!!!!!!!!!!!
And currently climbing the itunes charts. At the moment it's up on number 5. 
Get it here.
(image via webpage)

Marc Jacobs FW11

What would you get out of bed for at 2am?
The new Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter11 Live stream of course :)
If I'd have to sum it up: a mirrored runway with padded columns (first it looked like gigantic bubble wrap haha) set a pretty icy scene, but the clothes that were to follow were anything but.
Ladylike chic, tailored skirts, jackets and tops, huge sequins, lots of polka dots, little pillbox hats, lace and pencil skirts galore. Beautiful silhouettes! 
In contrast the music was hard rock. Made  me smile and think that Mr Jacobs does have a wicked sense of humour.
Hopefully there will be pictures soon and I am curious what will await at the MbMJ show tonight - not quite as late as last night!
Thanks for making my Valentines day xx

Cathy Horyn does a way better job than me so please read her NY Times article here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Arcade Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I woke up this morning I grabbed my phone to check how the Grammy's went and the first thing I read on Twitter (I know I'm that pathetic social media junkie :) ) was Arcade Fire saying:
perfect way to start a Monday morning right!
Can't tell you how excited I am for them, what a milestone - an indie band winning Album of the Year!!!!
Huge congratulations going out to Arcade Fire!
Watch their two performances and a funny post-ceremony press clip on pitchfork.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zoe Boomer @ London Fashion Week

My beautiful friend Zoe will be showing her new A/W 11 collection at LFW! I'm so proud of her and super bummed that I can't be there.
If you're in London get your ticket and go and see a stunning collection. For tickets and more info click here.
(image via her webpage)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Iron & Wine @ Freiheizhalle, Munich

What a joy it was...
Can't tell you how much I enjoyed Sam Beam and his musicians. Art at its best.
They were phenomenal. Enough said!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

climb 4 freedom

Please check out what these ladies are doing... Climb4Freedom
These chicks are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the A21 campaign(as of now they've raised £64,421.30 Isn't that amazing!!!!)

Such a fun, colourful mix of women and they rally together for one amazing cause: to free girls out of the trafficking/sex industry in Greece and the Ukraine! 

Hooray!! If you want to donate, go to just giving!

late nights and early mornings

I feel like I've been working non stop for the last few weeks and nothing else has happened. It's so not true but sometimes I feel a little trapped ha!
A lot has been going on and tonight's the first night in a long time that I have all to myself: sort out stuff and get my apartment tidy for connect group tomorrow!
JD's band Holzweg had a gig last Friday so we all rocked up there to celebrate the band's 2nd birthday. Nice to catch up with friends. Late nights should mean long sleep ins right, no! I can't seem to shake off my stupid 6am alarms... Even if my alarm's not set I wake up anyway. Hate it with a passion!
The rest of the weekend was spent mostly at the EheG. It's become my second home and I can only recommend the sofa - I almost sleep better there than in my bed :) I recommend the whole house haha, best of friends and always good food and chatting till the early hours!
A loooooooong trip to Ikea and an evening with the entire Pfau family (more yummy food, fun stories and a few glasses of wine) round up the last few days.
It's been bright and sunny for a couple days now and I can't tell you how much better I feel! Who knew that that would affect me so much. I lived in London for two winters for crying out loud!!!! What's the difference?! I don't get it.
Anyway I hope you got a few rays of sunshine on your skin wherever you are and the week has been wonderful so far!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

modern day slavery

In days like these and the culture we live in it's easy to forget about others around the globe. We've become world class at looking away and I can't stand it!
Did you know that there are about 27 million slaves today? This is more than there ever were in history and makes me sick to think that this concept was abolished years and years ago but still continues to this day.
It may seem like a massive problem and what in the world could I do to make a difference?
Well I mentioned this before but the A21 campaign does phenomenal things in Europe(mostly Greece) to free girls out of the sex industry and place value upon them, begin a journey of restoration and equip them to start a new life. It's a beautiful thing and I couldn't champion them more.
Please have a read here and here for more information about slavery in the 21st century. We all can play a little part in destroying this absolutely horrifying industry.
27 million may seem a lot but they are made up of lots of ones. Every single one of them is worth fighting for! Every single one has a face, a name and a story to tell! Let's get educated and raise awareness!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

blog love

My sweet friend Romy, of ringl ringl fame, gave me this

I'm so excited and honoured! You are too cute lady :) so instead of basking in glory haha I really want to pass it forward to:
the lovely Erika of Unsere kleine Farm - she makes really sweet things, opened an online fabric shop and she and her husband have bees, chickens, sheep and lots of other cool animals :)
Anne of old new blue - for inspiring me
and F.B's Diary - it's crazy and fun and just beautiful!

Kommen wir nun zum unumstößlichen Kleingedruckten:
Erstelle einen Post, indem du das Liebster-Blog-Bild postest, die Anleitung reinkopierst (= der Text den du gerade liest). Außerdem solltest du zum Blog der Person verlinken, die dir den Award verliehen hat; sie per Kommentar in ihrem Blog informieren, dass du den Award annimmst; ihr den Link deines Award Post mitteilen.

Danach überlegst du dir 3- 5 Lieblingsblogs, die du ebenfalls in deinem Post verlinkst; die Besitzer jeweils per Kommentar-Funktion informierst, dass sie getaggt wurden und hier ebenfalls den Link des Post angibst, in dem die Erklärung steht.

Liebe Bloggerinnen, das Ziel, dieser Aktion ist, dass wir unbekannte, gute Blogs an’s Licht bringen, deswegen würde ich euch bitten keine Blogs zu Posten, die ohnehin schon viele Leser haben!

Talentierte Anfänger und Leute, die zwar schon eine Weile bloggen, aber immer noch nicht so bekannt sind, freuen sich bestimmt.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


well let's call it the art of shoe making...

Please watch this video here or on their webpage.
Thanks Drew for sending the link! I think I'd go for the boots by the window (6:43)
(image via their webpage)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

things you do to fight the winter blues part 2

Never thought I would revert back to my sicko days in Scotland when I had zero energy and slept about 18 hours a day. As I never saw anyone (everyone was working and I was up twice a day for about 2 - 3 hours) so I started baking.
It's not just making the dough and baking, it heats up the house and smells divine as well :)