Sunday, December 5, 2010


I will probably say that about any season, but isn't this now the best season!!
All the lights, the snow, the clothes you wrap up in because of the cold, mulled wine, oranges, baked apples, ... and I've had my first couple of Christmas cookies. yeeeehaaaa
There were a million people in the city today almost elbowing their way through the small streets to get to the markets and it reminded me of what we have done to this time of stillness and anticipation of the birth of our Saviour King.
What can we give back from our overflowing cup of abundance?
Maybe it is taking time out to sit with people you haven't seen in a while and listen to their story.
Maybe instead of throwing out all our money to buy people presents, who have more than enough anyway, and give it to someone or something where even $5 make a significant difference.
Maybe it's taking time for yourself and thinking about what this whole thing "God came down to meet humanities biggest need" and what it means to you personally.
I reckon God is to be found in every single aspect of it. He's not limited by anyone or what we think of Him.
Hope you have a great Sunday and a peaceful Advent.

Someone who can put this so much better into words wrote an article here :)

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