Monday, December 27, 2010

LA friends

My personal treat this Christmas season: I got to hang out with one of the funnest people on the planet, my friend Monica. Years ago she married my friend Paul and they moved to her hometown, LA. Me being gone for years and years myself, always thought that they must have been back for a visit, but turns out this was their first time back in Austria in almost six years!! Not bad, right.
We took a whole day out before Christmas and just chatted the entire time. So much to catch up on and dream of our futures, planning for 2011, etc. In between we ate, shopped and strolled around Vienna. I hope everyone has friends like that! You feel full of energy when you say good bye at the end of meeting up with them!
 such a bad picture but the only one of the two of us haha
Back in May I was already bragging about Monica's jewellery line and now I finally have two pieces (Navajo Friendship bracelet and Simple Gold Nugget Necklace) to wear. 
Check out her webpage and her Etsy shop. Pretty things, fair trade and cruelty free. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

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