Friday, September 14, 2012

the day we went surfing - in the alps!

The above picture is still ridiculous to me.
Why would anyone have surf gear when you live about 350km from the nearest beach (Italy) and around 1400km to the closest ocean that actually produces some waves (Atlantic)? Okay I get the wetsuits, there is a lot of kayaking around, but surfboards?
Anyway here we were on the outskirts of Salzburg, on the banks of our beloved Almkanal, mountains in the background and everything :) Two years ago the city built this "standing wave" and it's been in use ever since.
We lucked out when Tom and Josh, two of the guys we worked with at "The Labyrinth", asked us to come along. They've surfed everywhere from Australia to Ireland and were decked  out with extra gear for us! Felix, Christine and Mandi were brave and tried it at once, while I sat with Tina and observed the whole thing, jumping into the cold water to cool off and swim, but eventually I had a go haha
The boys were the greatest coaches you could have asked for, telling you everything step by step, but always pushing you to go a bit further. C was standing on that board as if she'd done it for quite some time, at the end of the day :)

Josh couldn't get enough, even without the wave... doesn't it look like he's on a banana?!

My personal outcome was this haha
First try and I went down knee first and smashed it on some wood. T's comment "You need to fall flat Astrid! and now get back on the board" haha I went in two more times, blood trickling down my leg. 
It was bruised so badly that only now, a month later, I can kneel down again :)
Best day ever! Who doesn't like to try new things... Thanks to Tom and Josh, you guys are the best!

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