Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it's been a while...

Today my brother asked me if this blog thing is dying since I haven't written for days and the last month basically consisted of copying my instagram feed in a weekly post.
Oh how times have changed. I'm still alive and kicking it. Just underground these days. Literally underground, our dungeon at the theatre is 3 stories below street level and I'm happy to see the sun on my way to work. I've said this before but Snowmanland is a black hole that swallows you up and spits you out two months later. A happy hole, all is good.
Between working and having people come to stay and getting prepared for Christmas and cooking food to bring to work (hello candida diet I'm so happy you're in my life again, NOT! more on that later) there was no time left to sit down and write. I miss it a lot and I miss venturing out, camera in hand. That hasn't happened either which is strange. Hence all the crappy phone photos you've been seeing on here.
I've been thinking heaps about what's to come and resolutions for the new year. There is loads to come, just be patient - Ulrich I am talking to you haha.
Happy midweek. Hope everyone is having a relaxed Advent season.
To be continued, Astrid x

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