Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 review

Life is a whirlwind, a roller coaster, an adventure... call it what you may, but it is definitely exciting.
As always there were ups and downs but the ups wouldn't be there without the downs in your life and character is built in the down periods and struggles of life. Yup I said it!
Lots of photos to sum it all up. Enjoy...

 The year started off in Snowmanland!

 a trip to Scotland brought a reunion with YT 02/03!
 hang outs with the girls
a belated birthday bash.
 love the tour life, mostly because I get to see friends in far away places. 2 of my favs!
 team My Glorious

 a visit to Spleen HQ
 EheG hang outs
 special birthday present for a special girl
 city trip with my dear Claudia
 lots of Salzburg time
 a birthday party in traditional attire
 more natural printing and dyeing
a reunion with old friends

 two Aussies in Austria :)
 adventures in jam making
 maybe the funnest weekend of the year. all hail Austrofred!
 we tried to take family pics
 lazy summer days
 lazy summer nights
 Salzburg festival fun
 successful blueberry picking morning haha
 work shenanigans
 tried to surf!
 we said good bye EheG. a sad moment
 more festspiel fun
 new friends
 countless nights on the roof terrace
one last MG concert for me... terribly miss being on the road with those guys!

 spoilt rotten in September when I got to see these three...
 and these lovely college friends.
 barbecues with old friends
 we cycled to Bratislava
I moved back to my beloved London
 Simon came to stay!!!!!
 walking the common with Lee
 Matthias turned up for a day
 Zoe Boomer workshop fun

 my parents came to stay
and because I'm not spoilt enough already four of my besties came for a long weekend of leisure! Biggest Christmas present ever :)

If you made it this far - a-mah-zing! Looking through all these pics makes me one of the happiest people on the planet. There are thousands more I could have put on here.20 Life is unbelievable. Thankful for the journey God put me on all these years ago. So thankful my heart could burst!
Good bye 2012, you were good to me x

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