Saturday, January 12, 2013

new years resolutions

Contrary to popular believe I have not given up on this space here.
Just needed some time off and three days in the countryside gave me new energy to start writing again.
Too much has been on my mind lately but I'll start off with resolutions for this year :)
Here goes...

  • 2013 is a year of skirts and dresses
  • shop local and buy seasonal
  • learn to can food - pickles, jams, relishes, etc
  • write letters and cards
  • take more photos and get way better at it
  • take more time out to spend in the word of God
  • refuse, reduce, recycle
  • be daring (this is a weird one but to me it means a lot!)
I'll elaborate on all of them in another post but these are the goals I want to tackle this year and I'm quite excited about. As many will notice there is a theme of sustainability running through this once again. 
Hope everyone's years has started with a bang and is off to become one of the best. 
Happy weekend everyone x

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