Thursday, March 21, 2013

lately in the studio

I've shown you a couple of pictures from Malin's studio before. It is a great place where new costumes and clothes are being created. Chaos reigns but sometimes I think it's what we need to function.
The process of creating something new might be the main reason I am in this random industry of creativity, chaos and uncertainty :) To see/feel/touch something which you could only see in your mind is instant gratification.
Lately I've been making a few samples for a circus themed kids clothing line. It is one of the cutest projects I've ever been involved with and making these little clothes is a lot of fun. The fabrics and textures, colours and prints. Wish we all dressed in more colours the range has to offer. Looking at people in the street can seem so boring at times.

Here are a few (blurry) snapshots from a collection in progress...

Somehow I wish I could make a pair of those Harem pants for myself. It doesn't go with my dress/skirt challenge this year but I imagine them to be super comfortable!

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