Monday, March 4, 2013

the joy of community

I like music. I like music A LOT!
My favourite kind comes in form of large collectives playing together on stage. Hence my obsession with Arcade Fire and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. It is just so much fun to watch them play, there is so much joy and life on stage that I can't take my eyes off. I admit I'm a people watcher (this is reaching a new high as I'm working in a coffee shop once again ha) so to see musicians interact on stage is part of the fun of going to gigs. The other parts being the greatness of live music and supporting the artist! Can't stress that last one enough, go and see young (and older) artists play.
Last week I had the pleasure of hearing another sort of collective perform at the 100 Club: Bassment Project. I went to see them play in October when Simon was over and I couldn't wait to see them again. They didn't disappoint. Good Lord, so much talent in one room it was almost too much to contain!
Watch this, get addicted and than watch every other video they've posted :)

Enjoy and like them here or follow them on twitter. You can thank me later x

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