Saturday, August 28, 2010

camping madness

Right I owe a little pics and fun from our holiday last week!
Have you ever been camping? It's the best idea before you go, holds true every time and once you're there you're like "why the hell are we wasting our holiday on this". haha Don't get me wrong it's the funnest time you will ever experience and it will definitely be one you will never forget.
It started out terrible as it wouldn't stop raining the first day but got better and better. Ended up being sunny and 30C!!
My tummy was still aching from laughing so hard when we were driving home. Nobody will believe the things we did so we'll let photos speak for themselves:
Love the craziness that ensues with all this camping stuff and wouldn't miss it in the world. No matter how tired you are when you get home after your "holiday" haha
I do have the bestest people around me! Here's to more holidays - camping or other xx

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