Monday, August 9, 2010

what happens when your besties get together for a weekend...

The whole crew took off and went to Vienna Friday afternoon.
Even before we took off it took a turn of the ridiculous when Simon asked if we had beer for the journey!!! So after packing five people into an old old Golf we took off, just to hear about 20 min later "I need to go to the bathroom".  Oh my word! You think you've all gotten older but nothing ever changes haha I love it.
Jetty's band had a gig that night which went well, and after we went to look for a "Wuerstelstand" to fill our starving bodies. Turns out that beer alone doesn't cut it :) Sausages at 2am is the Austrian way of fast food... nothing tastes better at that time!

Saturday saw a massive breakfast with everyone.
If there was a breakfast championship, I might dare to say we would beat the world!!
Our whole day consisted of going from one place to the next to eat!
Breakfast was followed by a walk to an ice cream place followed by coffee at Berni & Claudia's place which was followed by a trip to the Heurigen to meet more people and eat more food.
While everyone else was stuffing their faces or tummies more likely, I was detoxing and enjoying the people. Detox sucks sometimes!!

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