Tuesday, August 24, 2010

holiday sneak peak

I am beyond tired... take advice everyone: if you only have a week of holidays, do not go camping. As much fun as it is, you'll return more tired than before :) I need a holiday from my holidays haha
We had tons of fun and were laughing so much my tummy still hurts! Love spending time with my friends!!
I do love this photo, not only because it's the only group photo we have, but also because after we took this shot we went rafting on the river (a 4 hour trip turned out to be 6.5hrs!!!) and the waterproof ton we got, did not turn out waterproof at all.
RIP Nikon coolpix 885 - 9 long years we had fun together, I will miss you x


  1. What a lovely group of friends you have!!! :)

  2. Oh no your camera died?? Aw!