Thursday, October 21, 2010

dreams and what we make of them

I must have said that before but one of the reasons to move back to Austria was to start out on a creative adventure. The plan was really simple... get a warehouse and turn it into a workshop so we have space. Everyone's been a bit annoyed with creating stuff and never being able to finish and because there's no room for it, to always clear everything away. The result was that stuff got put in boxes and it was such an effort to put everything out and stuff it back unto shelfs every day.
So we've been looking and looking and after weeks we finally found the perfect spot. A lovely little warehouse tucked away in a courtyard, perfect for the four of us. Anyway the day before we were ready to sign the lease one of us pulled out and we had to cancel the whole endeavour.
Now what do you do? Go about sulking or believe that there is something better out there for you?! In a couple weeks it will probably make sense to all of us. Even though it sucks to be in this position right now, we're not gonna give up! And you know what I can't wait for the day we get the keys to it and we will celebrate!

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  1. :-) dabei heißt es doch: die Jungen werden Visionen, und die ALTEN Träume haben..
    bussi - ich schick dir dafür ein paar farben.