Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend fun

Some time last week my friends decided that it would be nice to have one last hike before it starts snowing and everyone changes to skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, etc.
All said and done five of us hiked up "Nockstein". I do consider myself to be fairly fit these days, I cycle everywhere and try to go for a run once or twice a week, so I assumed that this hike would be easy. WRONG!!! It has been a while since I dug out my walking boots and now that I've lived far away from mountains for so long, I don't even own a pair anymore! (massive thank you goes out to Lisa who let me borrow her boots).
The boys went ahead and left Andi and me all puffed behind :) How on earth are you supposed to breathe when you have so much to talk about????? 
Nevertheless as much as we were sweating, there's nothing quite like standing on top of a mountain and enjoying the amazing landscape...
The rest of the weekend, apart from church and sleeping, was spent hanging at the EheG and Lisa cooking beautiful food for us. I'll just say Spicy Chicken Corn Chowder!!!!! Yuuuuuum!
It was amazing to sit, eat, drink and just chat - for two days straight haha. Ruth and Ian joined us Saturday afternoon so lots of toasting them and us girls clicking our way through wedding, design and photography sites to get inspired for the upcoming festivities.
Yay for spontaneous hang out weekends and amazing friends. Life is amazing people.

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