Saturday, January 2, 2010

books of 2009

A couple of years ago I read how Alissa Wilkinson read 50 books in a year and she really inspired me to read more. Knowing that I would never make 50 I aimed a little lower and decided to read 27 books in 2009. Didn't quite make it, but read my way through 25. (Well I started about 6 other ones but haven't finished them yet - bad habit of reading more than one book at a time I know!)

Tender is the night – F. Scott Fitzgerald
Travelling mercies – Anne Lamott
He’s just not that into you - Greg Behrendt
Eclipse – Stephanie Meyer
New moon – Stephanie Meyer
A thousand splendid suns – Husseid Khallini
I sold my soul on ebay - Hemant Metha
Jesus wants to save all Christians – Rob Bell
Breaking dawn – Stephanie Meyer
I’ll have what she’s having – Bobbie Houston
To kill a mocking bird – Harper Lee
Under the Tuscan sun – Francis Mayes
The Mitfords, letters between six sisters - Charlotte Mosley(editor)
The shack - William P Young
Frauen veraendern die Welt – Elke Werner
Diary of a dangerous vision – Andy Hawthorne
Don’t tell Alfred – Nancy Mitford
The un-domestic goddess – Sophie Kinsella
A year in Provence – Peter Mayle
The Satorialist – Scott Schuman
Queen of the Road – Doreen Orion
The irresistible revolution – Shane Clairborne
The pursuit of love – Nancy Mitford
Love in a cold climate – Nancy Mitford
The private lives of Pippa Lee – Rebecca Miller

It was a rather random collection of books and some were awesome, others were okay, some were silly. The one that fascinated me most was the Mitford girls biography and I ended up reading three books from the oldest one and am halfway through a book of one of her best friends :)
This year I'm aiming higher, trying to take more time out just to read. Stupid TV will not suck me in this year!!!

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  1. Good job Astrid! i think i read 6 books in '09...i know shame on me!! but it's that stupid habit of reading 5 books at once and i can't finish any of them! lol