Friday, January 29, 2010

the boat that rocked

Not talking about the movie here, (although it's so funny I had tears rolling down my cheeks) talking about the release party we had. It all happened in the basement of a boat that's anchored on the canal that runs through Vienna - a night to remember!
Linda Harrison did a phenomenal job opening the night, please check her out, she is such a talented young lady. It was a pleasure having her and Alex over here. It was her first gig outside of the UK and I'm sure there will be many more to come!
Everybody was very excited to see My Glorious. The hardly ever play in their hometown and it was fun to see how many friends, colleagues, musicians, fans and family made their way to the party.
Apart from seeing an amazing show, my favourite part was to catch up with lots of old friends. Some of them I haven't seen for nearly five years. My friend Philip was joking around that it's like going to a class reunion - we should all introduce ourselves again and say where we live and what we do :)
Amazing night with lots of fun people and great music. Thanks guys, I'm proud of you!!!
images courtesy of Tom Gangl

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