Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A21 campaign

I think it's been two years since Chris Caine came to London and told us about her starting the A21 campaign.
It is all about abolishing slavery in the 21st century, help raise awareness of human traffiking and set victims free that have been sold into sexual slavery!
Some guys at church have put on a massive The Apprentice goes A21. Hundreds of people were involved over the course of 3 months and have raised almost 50,000 pounds. Incredible stuff when you think about how everyone participating is an everyday person like you and me, but when we combine our efforts to go after the same thing miracles can happen.
The finale was last weekend and one of the last tasks was to design a T-shirt. As my beautiful friend Lee was part of it all, she called and asked if I can model her teams T-shirt.
It was a fun night and Lee's team not only won the T-shirt challenge but the overall A21 Apprentice! So proud of her and the rest of the team.
Find out more about A21 here or go buy the T-shirt or donate here.


  1. Astrid!! u look adorable!! i love the hair do!!

  2. leiwander haarschnitt - who did it?? und kann man das T-shirt irgendwo noch besser sehen als auf dem angebenen link? bzw. deine photos sind bissi crappig in der auflösung.. :-)