Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Colour 2010 recap

Conference time is always a bit like falling off the face of the earth for a couple of days.
It has been an amazing weekend. The Royal Albert Hall was packed out and, for those two days, transformed into the house of God, where His name was lifted high and proclaimed over this city.
Priscilla Shirer, Dr Robi Sondereger, Holly Wagner, Christine Caine and our lovely senior pastor Bobbie Houston brought something fresh to the table. I'm still chewing through my notes, letting what was spoken get into my system.

The Sisterhood morning was a highlight as always and I cannot believe how much has happened in a year.
Orphans to rescue
Sisters to come alongside
Nations to believe in
This has been written across the Colour story for a couple of years now and every time I read those words there are goosebumps because I realise two things:
Number one it is almost scary how much responsibility we have been given. Why would God have us work out His plan on this planet. Why choose imperfect people who mess up all the time to be your hands and feet?
Number two I feel incredibly humbled and privileged that God would use us to play a part in His plan.
Chris Caine said something so profound the other day and this will stay with me for a while
"You have been placed on this planet in this day and history, equipped with gifts and talents to serve your generation"
Check out the Colour Sisterhood for more information on all initiatives and stories from around the globe.
As Colour moves on from London to Kiev, I think of the ground they are cutting in Eastern Europe. A place where for years and years women have been put down and seemed to be forgotten. Can't wait for the stories of salvation, restoration and transformed lives!

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