Thursday, May 13, 2010

urban gardening... sort of

Lately I've been really into planting and growing your own veggies. I don't exactly know when it started. Maybe when I spent time in Oz with my beloved Stiles family(who were planting an orchard and had an avocado tree in their backyard!) or perhaps when I watched the whole Jamie at home series or when I started reading all the books on sustainable living.
Tried to plant a few things last year but than I went away for five weeks and my old housemates let everything die and that was the end of that endeavour.
This year I set out to plant salad, tomatoes and peas. As the frost hit England again the last two weeks this has been our living room window sill aka the green house.
A bit ridiculous I know :) As my mum pointed out I made a bit of a mistake considering that I'm moving back to Austria in July when the first fruits will start to ripen. Timing is everything and maybe they'll turn into a few leaving presents!! I've got a few friends with a garden, maybe I can bless them with some homegrown tomatoes or peas.
Look at those tomato plants... it's been a month since I put the seeds into the soil.
For some reason this always reminds me of the eternal principles of sowing & reaping and seed, time and harvest :) God knows His stuff and maybe it took a few little plants for me to fully understand that!

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