Tuesday, July 20, 2010

great friends and parties

Six years ago, my friend Thorsten invited us all to come and celebrate his birthday at his parents place. So about 15 of our friends went up their and were blown away...
We call it "Lober ranch" as it's a massive property. There used to be a farm house with a barn, lots of garages and another barn like building, in addition his parents built another house on the grounds, there is a pool and you could go for a quick run around their fields. It was a hell of a party - food, beer, all your friends in one place dancing around having the best time!

When he sent out invitations for this years shindig who would have ever said no??? There were two birthdays this July and Thorsten and Ines' going away party to celebrate and everyone came! There were about 200+ people and not even for a second did it ever feel crowded.
Large tents were set up with sofas and benches, a band was playing in the converted garages, the buffet was set up in the other garages, I have never seen that amount of meat on a bbq and if you could take more after all this, there was cake!!! Unbelievable stuff.
After hanging out at the bonfire and dancing the night away, I called it a night around 3.30am!! Getting old I know :)
Guess what, when we got up there was more food and after cleaning up and a really lazy afternoon in the hammock, they put all the remaining things on the bbq! I'm honestly 5kg heavier than when I arrived.
A massive thank you to all Lobers for being the most generous hosts ever!!! You guys rock and it will forever be appreciated.

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