Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hanging with the family

Life has been mental this last week! Took on a couple extra shifts and spent the weekend with the family before heading to Paris to pick up a car!!! How crazy is that...
Anyway loved having a little time with the fam. Lots of fun as we celebrated my aunt and uncles joint 60th birthday. So lovely to see everyone and catch up! 
My poor relatives see me about twice a year and I have a different story to tell them of where I live and what I do every single time :) They must think I'm nuts!!!
As I am in between houses at the moment - all my stuff is at my friends place where I'll be spending the summer and I have a weekend bag with all necessities on me at all times - photos will be up in a couple days. Can't wait for the day when everything will have it's place in my house and will be on hand at all times yay!

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