Friday, July 9, 2010


There are a couple things that I am sure of: number 1 - God is good, number 2 - there is a purpose that you are on this planet and number 3 - Church is the answer to a very broken world.

Part of the reason I decided to come back to Austria was church. I was always going on about how sucky church is back home and nothing ever comes of it, etc but why moan if you're in a place where life is amazing, church is thriving and you are altogether blessed??? Why leave a place like that??
To be honest I blame God for all of it - in a good way :)
He placed this longing in my heart, to see the church rise up in my country and take its place in society, a long time ago. A church where people will flock to because they know that they can find God, hope and answers to their questions and needs.
These are things I've never seen in a church until I went overseas. Isn't that sad?
I'm not saying that there were never indicators of amazing things, but for some reason nothing ever came off it. There are always people who are really excited about something and no-one else gets their vision and after a year it dies down.
The potential has always been here, but there is a great lack of encouragement and especially the next generation is hardly allowed to do anything.

After being part of a church that "works", there is hope. I was immensely blessed to spend five years in an environment where God is lifted hight, that believes in you and where people live like nothing is impossible. Why wouldn't you live like that, nothing is impossible for God!!!
With that hope I have come to Salzburg. Boiled down it is almost too simple: love God, love people!

Bobbie Houston wrote on her twitter a couple days ago
"If heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool, what kind of house are you and I gonna build Him?"
I love the house of God and truly hope that one day we will understand the significance of it. Even in Austria :)

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