Wednesday, September 1, 2010

museum love

I honestly don't know why but I love galleries and museums.
Maybe it's because I like looking at pretty things - granted not everything in galleries and museums is pretty   but at least interesting :) My parents never dragged us to them, they are way more into cathedrals and stones. I've seen about every building made of stone (prehistoric up till now) in the UK!!!! I know right! Anyway while I worked in Scotland a couple years ago, it became some sort of escape for me to run into the National Gallery in Edinburgh. The beauty of art and the quietness in the building took me out of my normal world and I've never looked back.
On Monday I finally had a day off and my first stop was to go up to the museum of modern art here in Salzburg. It sits on top of a hill in the middle of the city and when you're up there you look across the whole city. Stunning.

As there is a press art collection on display at the moment, I got stuck on this piece by Alfred Jaar.
It shows you 17 covers of Newsweek while the genocide in Rwanda happened in 1994. It took that long until those 100 days of horror made the front page. My heart stopped when I saw it and I couldn't walk away from it. So many thoughts kept going through my head. How many lives could have been spared if we would have known earlier?! 
Sometimes art can stop you in your tracks and I wish it would be more often!

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