Saturday, September 25, 2010

perfect Saturday

I was so wrong when I thought that I could sleep in this morning. There was a 70s flea market and we decided to be there first thing in the morning to find all the best things :) Off we went and I have to admit it was a room and a half full of furniture and little things, kinda disappointing. Anyway spent about an hour looking at everything before Lisa and Drew bought heaps of stuff and squeezed it into their car and we were off to breakfast/brunch.
How I miss going for breakfast in Australia, they don't do many things over there but they have an amazing breakfast culture. If I could I would open up a little cafe and introduce this over here. My besties and I are the queens of breakfast and we usually sit and eat for at least two hours... it would be a dream to have a place to go to haha.
It ended up being a really nice morning, brunched on prosciutto, figs, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spelt and carrot bread(yay for gluten intolerant people like me), smoothies, coffee and tea.
A little stroll through the city, some shopping and another drink at the EheG later and everyone went for afternoon naps haha. Getting old my friends.
Love love love lazy Saturdays, a true day of rest before crazy Sundays start! Can't wait to be in the house of God. No better place to be, right!

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