Friday, September 17, 2010

small steps

One of the many reasons to come back to Austria was to set up a studio with friends. During the first weeks another friend was added to the mix and now we've got Drew - a graphic designer, Sven - builds and designs bicycles, Lisa - works with recycled materials and transforms them into accessories and myself who will work with textiles.
It is a very random mix of people and I love it all the more for it :) Never a dull moment to be had haha
We have been on the look out for space where we can set up camp for the last two months and finally we looked at two buildings yesterday. Love that feeling you get when suddenly things get momentum and are ready to take off. Kind of a giddy feeling. It's fun to start something fresh and I can't wait for where this is going to take us.
Another meeting is scheduled in for Monday and hopefully we'll have a location by October. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. so, jetzt gibts ein bissi was für dich, aber ich komme mit den photos nicht klar. die bleiben nicht dort stehen, wo ich will!!! stubborn, obstinate things!