Saturday, February 5, 2011

modern day slavery

In days like these and the culture we live in it's easy to forget about others around the globe. We've become world class at looking away and I can't stand it!
Did you know that there are about 27 million slaves today? This is more than there ever were in history and makes me sick to think that this concept was abolished years and years ago but still continues to this day.
It may seem like a massive problem and what in the world could I do to make a difference?
Well I mentioned this before but the A21 campaign does phenomenal things in Europe(mostly Greece) to free girls out of the sex industry and place value upon them, begin a journey of restoration and equip them to start a new life. It's a beautiful thing and I couldn't champion them more.
Please have a read here and here for more information about slavery in the 21st century. We all can play a little part in destroying this absolutely horrifying industry.
27 million may seem a lot but they are made up of lots of ones. Every single one of them is worth fighting for! Every single one has a face, a name and a story to tell! Let's get educated and raise awareness!

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