Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend roundup pt 1

Sometimes I wish I could just get everyone together and not always pick who I see, but than I get an entire day to spend with special people and it's the best thing ever haha
Don't know what possessed me on Friday, but I decided to cycle to see my friends Reini, Johanna and little Miss Liah. There's no doubt I'm in way better physical shape than last time I did that, but it's always easier when you have Ruth and Ian coming along :)
love the look of this building... the colouring of the destroyed facade is just perfect
 Miss Liah - still looked at me like I'm the enemy for the first couple hours but in the end she gave me cookies and let me carry her down the stairs. WIN!
After lunch we took a walk, got some ice cream and went to see my brother. Good times haha
Could have stayed there for much longer but left at dinner time to cycle those 12km back. Who needs a gym, seriously?!!!
Such a good day with the girls and boys. Loved it and can't wait for baby number 2 to arrive :)
More on this weekend later x

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