Monday, June 20, 2011

the next big 3 0

Remember when I said that Simon was the one to start the season of all of us turning 30?
Well this weekend it was Lisa's turn to be celebrated and cheered :)
It was the perfect plan: celebrating in the middle of nowhere on her grandma's farm, where we can all literally set up camp and stay over. Saturday came round and it rained, rained and rained some more. Instead of getting better it got worse by the minute and the people kept coming. Great ingredients for an incredible party!!
They had rented a big blow up tent - kind of like a bouncy castle without the bouncy floor. It was awesome. Here's a selection of photos...
 tapping the barrel of beer to get this party started
 getting all the yummy salads ready
 two very important ingredients for Hugos(told you it was gonna be the drink of the summer!!)
Drew and Jetty shared bbq duties all night
 for about ten minutes the sun came out to set - mind you it was still raining - but we got the most amazing rainbow... how crazy is the light on either side of the rainbow!
sun setting behind the barn
and than it doubled up!!!!!
 Ruth, Hugo and rainbow :)
 the old bathtub collects rainwater - filled to the very brim
 lovely birthday girl
half the crowd inside the tent
 when it finally stopped raining around 11pm the boys started playing Kubb
 and than we danced - mostly around that torch in the middle haha
more dancing and Kubb - until dawn, oh yeah!

One of the best parties ever to celebrate an amazing friend!
Maybe what I loved most about that night is how everyone who said that they were gonna come, ended up coming despite the torrential rain. We all donned our wellies and layered up like crazy(after hours of dancing in the field layer after layer was shed though haha). 
How good are friends and family, they don't care about the weather but come to celebrate their friend! It was such a great bunch of people and I'm sure that night will be remembered for many years :)

Lisa, thank you for being an incredible host, rockstar and most of all friend. Love you and can't wait for all the years to come. Wherever life will take you, it will be fun to share the different seasons ahead of us xxx

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