Tuesday, June 28, 2011

weekend roundup pt 2

Every year at the end of June, half of Vienna flocks to Donauinselfest. For some reason I really thought that it would be a great idea to go into the city and watch Soehne Mannheims play it up.
Now Donauinselfest is the largest open air festival in Europe, it's set on an island in the Danube river, has multiple stages and is free of charge. Over the years they've had some amazing acts play there and some really crap ones - you just gotta check first who's playing and if it will be worth the whole trip haha.
As everyone around me seemed to busy or old(seriously?!) I went anyway and while I was on the train arranged to meet up with Carina - who studied with me in Australia - and two of her friends. Can I just say, they saved my flippin' life!!!
As I had cycled home before I went out, I was so heated up that I couldn't even feel the temperature drop. So glad I took a jacket with me at least but was absolutely freezing the entire time we were there. When it started to rain and I was about to cry - Soehne Mannheims hadn't even entered the stage yet - the girls got round me in a huddle and protected me with their rain coats haha. Lifesavers!!!
Finally they started to play and they were great. Not as good as last time I saw them, but weather conditions weren't anywhere near as horrible back then :)
Love the Soehne collective, every single one of them so talented! Hopefully next time I see them it will be somewhere inside or on a hot summer's night haha
(sorry for the crap photos -all taken with my bb)

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