Wednesday, June 29, 2011

weekend roundup pt 3 - the wedding

bride & groom arrived by ferry from across the Danube river
the happy couple
 massive banquet
people could participate in this artwork
Right I took about 5 photos at Margit & Lothar's wedding on Saturday - very much not like me on normal days, but remember number 1 there were so many friends to catch up with and number 2 I was feeling under the weather for most of the day! Stupid idea, going to open air gigs in zero degree weather(not really haha).
It was such a fun day. Even the 90 min drive their was hilarious as I hadn't seen the boys in years.
Let me explain, I spent my entire youth with these people. We went to youth together, have been to countless camps and retreats and especially during summer we saw each other pretty much every day. Had tons of bbqs and just hung out. For the first time ever I was the youngest one in a group, which had it's perks: you always got rides home ha!! Cheers to my parents who were the most relaxed people ever.
There are so many memories that include this group of people and it's always fun to see them again.

Back to the wedding.
For a city girl like me, this was new ground haha Lothar picked up Margit by ferry from across the river and the entire wedding party waited for them at the dock. Brass band in full on uniforms included. The streets had been blocked so the entire party could march up to the church. Felt like a parade, people on the side of the streets were cheering :)
It was a nice service, incredibly long, followed by refreshments, before we drove to the reception. It must have been the biggest wedding reception I've ever been to. Close to 250 people all fit into one room.
We ate delicious food, listened to speeches, watched skits and games, heard a funny/random band and in general spent the entire day talking with people.
Great to see everyone and meeting kids and a brand new baby boy.
Favourite moment: when the couple entered the church and walked up to the altar they went to greet one of the priests. He was an old guy and tripped over a step and went down for a second. 400+ people stopped breathing for a moment haha. That's kinda mean, but you should have been there :)
Congratulations to the happy couple. They literally change this world, one person at a time. He heads up a centre for people with mental and physical disabilities and she runs a refugee housing project.  Thanks for leading by example, you guys are awesome x

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