Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Edinburgh - a YT reunion

Almost ten years ago I ventured up north to do a gap year with SU Scotland at an outdoor centre called Lendrick Muir.
We were a team of six plus another five doing schools work across Scotland. It was a crazy year that included everything from scrubbing floors/toilets to giving archery lessons (you had no idea I was a trained instructor, right? haha) to chopping carrots in the kitchen to dance parties with about 30 nine-year-olds to the sound of S Club 7 and Atomic Kitten. Those were the days :)
I haven't been up to Scotland since 2005 and finally I had the opportunity to jump on a train and spend the last few days of my GB stay with my YT sista Dace and her beautiful family in Edinburgh.
There was so much to catch up on and by the time everyone else turned up for our reunion we were in stitches haha. So good to just hang out with friends and tell fun stories of what happened back in the day. Weird to think that I hadn't seen them in 6+ years, it felt like we've always been around each other. Love that :)
 I was so excited to see the sea haha
 Mr. Noah all bundled up for our walk
 part of YT 2002/03 Gavin, Carina, Michelle, Dace and Chris
missing Sarah, Ali, Kat and let's not forget Andrew
 love how everyone's cracking up in this picture
Mr. Innes :)
 As Sarah wasn't able to make it the night before we turned up at her and Chris's house. She dug out really random music we listened to while working at LM and it transported us right back to washing bikes in the shed haha
 Mr. Aaron - if you're lucky he will treat you to a whole musical show
Got treated to one of the most amazing sun sets on my way back to London. 
Forgot how colourful they are up in Scotland...
Thank you everyone, it was so so good seeing you all. Hopefully it wont be another six years for this to happen again haha Lots of love going up north xxx

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