Monday, January 30, 2012

celebrate good times

As I was in London and Bath for my birthday last year, I called my friends together for a night of catching up and toasting to a new decade haha.
It was a fun day filled with strolling around Vienna, delicious Lebanese food, a bit of window shopping, hanging out at the pub until the early hours and chatting non-stop. Kind of perfect :)
two of my favourite Salzburg girls x
 the kitchen had closed before we could order :(
 so many lovely people!!
 as I didn't want presents all money went towards freeing slaves and fighting human trafficking
love this photo mostly because it could have been taken in '98!!
a great night out finishes at the kebab place! 
Love my friends, they are some of the best people this planet has to offer!! Thanks so much for coming out and making the night special xx

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