Friday, February 24, 2012

current obsession

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Downton Abbey
I hopped on that bandwagon at Christmas time, watching the Christmas special with the entire family haha I brought back the DVDs for my parents and now I can't get enough of it!
Maggie Smith will have you in stitches! She said one of my favourite lines in Gosford Park:
"Difficult colour, green."
and there is plenty of that in Downton :)
Also obsessed with the costumes and set design, breathtaking!

I'm still at it. This time I've decided to make letter stamps and if I would have known how much work it is to saw those silly pieces of wood, I'd probably bought a set, but this way I have a set no-one else has. In your face consumer world!
Another piece of fabric is wrapped tightly in a ziplock bag to soak up all the colours from different pieces of wood and onion skins. Can't wait to see the pattern but it needs to sit there for another week at least. Oh patience...

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