Monday, February 20, 2012

Minefield Tour day 9

My knowledge of this city extended as far as knowing that it holds an annual opera festival. Wagner operas to be specific - very long kind of operas (remember I'm the one who told an opera singer that I don't really like opera haha)
Seeing that My Glorious make music that is not operatic in any sense, I had visions of opera fans chasing us out of the city. Torches, shrieking and lots of drama involved haha That's what you get from having an overactive imagination!
You can imagine my surprise when we got there and had one of the best nights so far. All you need is an independently run student club on campus wedged in between all the dorms, where people rarely go home before early morning :)
Thanks to Franz and the Galshaus gang and El Ranchos, who shared the bill with us and Monique for coming all the way from Frankfurt :)

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