Friday, February 17, 2012

Minefield Tour day 7

HAMBURG - city that reminds me so much of London - you were amazing.
Number one, a massive thank you to Peter and Fabs for supporting us over the last two weeks! So much fun with these two crazy guys from Regensburg.
Number two, the crew for the rest of our wonderful Minefield tour finally got together. Hooray!!!
Number three, we were reunited with the lovely trio Still in Search. We met them last year when we played in Osnabrueck, read about it here, were very impressed and asked them to support us in their hometown. Yay for friends.
we have awkward family photos down haha
the usual suspects welcome Bianca
new guitar arrived just in time
the wonderful and talented Still in Search
 the world is funner with star mixer Raffi in the house :)
 battle of the bands at breakfast
Once again we were spoiled with seeing friends and spending time with them! 
Honorary mention... we stayed at Superbude, great hostel and funky design. Check it out if you need accommodation in Hamburg. Fun times x

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