Friday, May 4, 2012

Christina's birthday hang out at the lake

Probably 90% of my closest friends have turned or are turning 30 in the span of 18 months, so it's been a constant celebration ever since Simon kicked the whole thing off last March :) More evidence of that night and how crazy we can look to be found here and here.
We're something like 9 birthdays down and two to go to complete this round! It is insane but who doesn't love a good party and what better reason to celebrate a great friend and get all the best people together to show them some love, right.
Last Saturday it was Christina's turn.
pretty sure it's illegal to photograph while driving but I couldn't resist the snowcapped mountains and lake and overall gorgeousness
these three were my extended siblings growing up, them and us three kiddos were up to all kinds of mischief and we talked about this not too long ago, but we have had THE most amazing childhood. 
so blessed!
 crystal clear and freezing water, made it in all the way up to my knees but nothing compared to these mad people:
What an afternoon/night at the lake we had: hanging out in the sun, barbecuing it up, strolls around the area, drinking freshest water, wading or swimming in the lake and playing games with the kids... Since it was April we had all seasons combined into one day: snow on the mountains, 33 degrees C summer weather, spring and part fall when you looked into the woods. All a bit crazy :)
That piece of land where we had our little barbecue is usually jam packed in the summer with campers and all locals said that they had never seen it that empty. Yay.
Happy birthday Christina, it was so good hanging out and celebrating you xxx

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