Monday, March 14, 2011

special birthdays - take two or take 3 0

What could I say to best describe this weekend... There are no words for it.
It was crazy, hilarious, border lining the ridiculous at times and altogether the best time in a while.
This weekend included everything from laughing until you hurt(thank you Simon) to lactose intolerant people(JD and myself) in complete agony from eating the wrong things, from an iron board dance at 3am to the stinkiest farts, 12+ hours in a van, being in God's house, reconnecting with friends, eating some seriously delicious food, etc
Oh dear, I've been laughing all day long just thinking of the rubbish we talked and how good it is to have friends like these :)
Simon, you are one of the funnest guys ever, life is never dull with you around. Happy birthday, hope to celebrate the next 30 years haha

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