Friday, July 27, 2012

a weekend at Casa Schnorres

As soon as I landed in Salzburg, I found out that my friends were all going away for the weekend haha. (That's what you get for trying hard to get in touch and plan ahead but no-one answers their phone!)
It was a quick decision to get on board and make the 5 hour drive to a tiny place near Karlsruhe.
First off another 30th birthday to celebrate - it is the year of plenty, happy birthday Tommy!
The next two days were spent hanging at Casa Schnorres... still impressed with their kayak storage solution haha
Special mention goes out to Simon for not giving up on the way there! It is a 2.5hours drive from his place and as we hardly ever see him these days I told him to come up. Poor guy was stuck in traffic and it took him 6!!! hours to get to us (we received the funniest pics of the traffic jam, his camping chair next to the car on the Autobahn, etc haha). I hope the barbecue and company made up for it.
That's what's summer is all about: amazing friends, time to hang, a garden to lounge in, chicken to gush about :), good food and celebrating life!

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