Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Before I will tell you all about our weekend at Casa Schnorres, I have to share some photos of their adorable chicken and their five freshly hatched chicks.
After they moved into their house, the four boys sharing it decided to clean out the chicken coop and get some chicken.
When asked why in the world four guys would get 10 chicken, they will tell you that the place that sold them the chicken had an offer: buy ten chicken and they throw in a rooster for free haha. Now they're in the egg selling business and as they let one of the hens breed they had four little chicks and one on the way when we came to visit. They're the proudest parents in the area :)
Tobi with his chicken
funniest moment ever... Jetty and Simon trying to get all the chicken in the den

Until they are big enough these chicks own the guest room... hilarious!
This little guy hatched Saturday night while we were barbecuing it up. 

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