Thursday, August 16, 2012

a follow up on words

Last week I wrote about words and why they matter. How much hurt they can cause and on the other hand how much life they can bring.
With this in mind I started thinking about the words we speak over ourselves. I know it's got a lot to do with self image and partly that is sadly shaped by what others have said about us in the past.
All these things are so connected and we have to be careful not only about how we speak about others but also how we speak about ourselves.
The first time I ever went rock climbing was a scary endeavour. For a start: I'm afraid of heights. Anyway all my friends seemed to be climbing and as we all went camping in Italy it was a given that I was going to try it. It is nothing short of miraculous that I managed to climb up, I tried to give up several times but I owe a lot to Jetty for pushing me way out of my comfort zone and saying "You can do this!" over and over again. Let me tell you standing on top of that rock was amazing, but climbing up is the easy part. Trusting the person on the ground, that you can't even see anymore, but mostly trusting that thin rope to hold you is terrifying. So the whole way down was me telling my soul to be still, praying I'd make it down alive haha (Don't want to know if I would have told myself that I can't do this, having a melt down on the mountain... I'd probably still be there!!)
I guess David knew about this whole dilemma when he was writing the Psalms, he speaks to his soul and tells it to worship or stop being downcast.
There is so much power in the words we speak to ourselves. Maybe we have to scratch "I can't do this", "I'm not good enough", "why should this happen to me", "why try" out of our vocabulary. You haven't even tried! How in the world do you know if you're not good enough, can't do it, etc...
One of my friends is struggling to believe that anything good will come his way right now. Which is a mystery as it's nothing short of spectacular where he is right now and how he got there. Why would it stop right there? But he speaks about this situation with such negativity that it's crazy! Not believing in himself or in anything it seems. You have to be careful that these thoughts don't take root in your mind and go round and round.
Funny thing is, while I was walking up the hill the other day, I was praying or rather screaming that God will reveal himself to be his flippin shepherd. Yesterday he tells me that he read Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd" haha
If He speaks well of you, why even bother speaking bad about yourself! It's a lot of wasted energy ;)

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