Monday, August 13, 2012

life lately and what's ahead

The last couple weeks have been mental, way more relaxed than this time last year but still too many rehearsals, dress rehearsals and opening nights than anyone should have in a month. It's been great, crazy, funny (thank God for impromptu stage parties), exhausting and even times where you don't know wether you should laugh or cry.
On the other hand I could sing you a song about a God who provides, big time! I'm so excited to be moving back to London. Now that accommodation is sorted and my flight booked, the days are numbered and a few celebrations in Vienna are in the making before I take off. Nothing like getting everyone together before leaving.
There will also be two weddings to attend, one of them doubling again as a college reunion hip hip hooray and since I'm in the area a quick trip to see my Swiss friends and Simon! Life is full and exciting.
Every now and again I still manage to sneak in some fun time with my friends at EheG though and I'm thankful for nights where we just get to hang out and order pizza and have some drinks :)
Have a fantastic week everyone xx

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