Monday, August 27, 2012

blueberry picking

Ruth is the queen of getting this bunch of besties together and to end the era of EheG she got us all together to go blueberry picking and make jam.
It was a ridiculously hot day and we ventured out to the blueberry field (isn't the scenery amazing). The lady working the booth almost crushed our hopes when she told us that there is nothing left but we can go and get some raspberries haha. We went to the blueberry bushes anyway and took whatever we could find, which turned out to be 2.5kg before heading to the raspberries and filling another bucket. Just in case we didn't find any we had reserved another 2kg from the blueberry lady. The berries she pulled out of the fridge were the best treat we had after the scorching sun beat down on us!
I had to go back to work but the girls were busy bees in the kitchen and made delicious jam. Voila.

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