Tuesday, November 13, 2012

favourite Bs on their allotment

Don't let these pictures fool you, this all happened in late September. Just getting around to posting them now :)
I took my bike out for one last ride over to see some of my favourite people before leaving the country once again.
After a lovely afternoon together, we all went to their allotment for one last harvest. For a quick look on what it looked like in July, click here. Can't believe how much they got out of that little patch all summer. Nature is pretty cool.

The taste of these veggies is beyond comparison. Nothing store bought will ever taste like it. The baby tomatoes are like eating candy off a vine. Seriously. Plus you have fun playing in the dirt and harvesting food and somehow you feel more at peace there than wandering around the city, ha.
Look at these sunflowers!!! It was a fight to get the heads down haha 3 heads were laid out on my parents balcony and the birds were feasting on the seeds for a couple weeks :) 

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