Friday, November 23, 2012


Three years ago (when this whole blog thing started!!) I got to celebrate my very first Thanksgiving with the lovely P family.
It's a celebration of giving thanks and I reckon we can all do with a little more thankfulness in our lives. Doesn't matter the circumstances, there's always something you can give thanks for, and even if it's being alive.

Here's a random list of things I'm thankful for right now:

  • Jesus. He was and is and is to come. King, Saviour, solid rock
  • family. most insane bunch of freaks and I love them from the bottom of my heart ha!
  • besties - oh so crazy and beautiful inside and out
  • Snowmanland, so grateful for my job and friends I get to work with!
  • that my housemates arrived home safe and sound after their travels
  • church and the power that lies in collective worship and going after God
  • fresh air. nothing like coming out of our dungeon and opening stage door haha
  • the view I get to see when walking out of the theatre
  • Manuka honey.
  • that this tough season will have an end some time. healing is on its way.
  • the little gifts I get sent with every veggie box. Abel & Cole you rock
  • one last early night before everything goes mental for the next 6 weeks. Hooray!

There is so much else I could list but I'll keep it at that.
I'm surrounded by wonderful people, hope you all are too xx

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