Wednesday, March 10, 2010

excitement is in the air

Even though I've been freezing my butt off out on the street all week, I feel like a spoilt little girl.
First of all my favourite Lisl had her birthday the other day and we had a massive catch up on the phone, which ended in a skype date with the entire EheG and Drew giving me a fashion show of glasses/frames he got to pick out at the optician - good times. Nothing beats talking to your bestie! Fills up all the tanks and leaves you full of joy, encouraged and uplifted.

For the last week we had two German girls staying with us and yesterday we all went to watch Wicked - the musical. The lead actress/green girl was unbelievable and what fascinated me even more was one of the cast being a monkey. Seriously I have never seen a human move the way he did and could not take my eyes off him. At that moment I really couldn't have cared less what the wizard and green girl were up to haha.

With all this said, two more sleeps and my other bestie, Ruth, and three girls will invade London. It will be so exciting to have them here. They will hang out at Worship Central and get heaps of input to take back to their church in Vienna. Absolutely love what Tim Hughes and Al Gorden are doing, check it out here.

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