Friday, March 5, 2010

the real world London

My first week at Zipcar is almost over and I'm loving every bit of it. Fun people to work with, lots of fresh air and getting to know London on a whole other level. It's great.
Being on the street and presenting whatever is like extreme people watching for me. I absolutely love it. You get all the random reactions of people, when you say hello to them. There is everything from "trying so hard to ignore you" over "I'm embarrassed where should I look" to really rude people waving their hand at you. Some actually are lovely and say hello and smile back at you. I think my absolute favourite is still "Okay", what the heck does that even mean?????
Never mind, looking at all these Londoners and masses of tourists of course, there is one thing they could all do with. A huge amount of joy. It makes me sad how angry, troubled and even downcast people look when they're rushing around. Maybe all they need is someone who smiles at them and I'm happy to do that. Even if I look like a loony and people think I'm weird, I've got too much joy in my life that I could look any different.
Sorry world, even when I'm shivering and my lips turn blue, I will still be smiling and you just gotta have to live with that!

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