Friday, March 5, 2010

a year ago

I was looking through photos from last year and noticed how many people came to visit a year ago. My best friend and three others are coming next week so I can't complain, but last year was crazy and so good.
My friend Lidia (one of the housemates for life) went to London on a whim, took a week off and was on the next plane to England, kind of haha. As I was not working that week, we had the funnest time ever - afternoon tea at the Atheneum, Blenheim Palace and Oxford, a trip to the Tibble house, Chicago in the West End, Hummingbird bakery cup cakes, visiting the markets, Tate Modern, the first picnic of the year,... 
Go and check out her blog. She is one of those incredibly creative people and I'm sure we all will hear a lot from her!!!


  1. hehehe... und bei uns SCHNEIT es und der SCHNEE bleibt liegen! was sagst jetzt? shocking!!

  2. aww! you're sweet!! can you believe it's been a year?!? i miss you...and London! =)